TK 2.0_V1.0.4_1st&2nd&3rd&4th Release

New Feature:
  • Lazada: Add more exception milestones for Lazada.
  • Lazada: improve the handling for some validation errors.
  • Lazada: add more exception milestones for Lazada (2nd batch).
  • Change to subscribe milestones from aftership by webhook.
  • Store 3rd party milestones in TK 2.0 directly instead of TK1 – Aftership.
  • Subscribe milestone for new courier Deustche Post from aftership.

TK 2.0_V1.0.3_1st&2nd& 3rd Release

New Feature:
  • Make load balance for TK2.0 number service and milestone service.
  • Add data sync setting (WOS4 to TK2.0) for new WOS4 warehouses GEYYZ, EZIMEL.
  • Avoid duplicate posting for same milestone.
  • Prepare new TK2.0 milestone query API for customers to replace TK1.0 one.
  • The sync service should sync number successfully when user re-upload common template with same order to save booking. 
  • The wos4 sync service was peding with NullExpointException error.
  • The afsa2 sync service was pending with error message “masterBillNo can only contain one”
  • The sync service should sync number successfully when user re-upload common template with same order to save booking.

TK 2.0_V1.0.2_3rd Release

New Feature:
  • Enhancements for Lazada milestone posting notification emails.
  • Add data sync setting (WOS4 to TK2.0) for new WOS4 warehouses.
  • Optimize milestone subscription function to fix some UAT problems. 

TK 2.0_V1.0.2_1st&2nd Release

New Feature:
  • Adjust architecture — split front-end and back-end of tracking service.
  • Skip to show milestones generated from todoitem when there is milestone input from TK2.0 UI.
  • Urgent fix for query milestone error for statistics purpose in E+ website/APP.
  • Provide the API to post milestone info in active mode.
  • Move milestone posting to Lazada from the old tracking website to TK2.0.
  • Change existing reports to get milestone data from tk2.0 instead of old tracking website.
  • Change the email aliases for Lazada milestone posting email notifications. 
  • Should generate the track sync log per day.
  • Should do some changes on the log settings for Ek & admin server in case log file grows too fast.
  • The containerid-json.log is growing too fast which caused no space left on device.
  • Should generate log file nohup.out per date and clear it periodically in case take up large memory in server. 

TK 2.0_1.0.1_2 Release

New Feature:
  • Tracking API feedbacks web page to show tracking result for E+ project
  • Remove validation for third party milestones when sync milestones from TK1.0
  • There is “the customer can’t be null” error when run one-time sync script in wos4
  • Error message is not properly when create INT&OTH milestone info via excel template.

TK 2.0_1.0.1 Release

New Feature:
  • The 1th stage of storing data in TK2.0
  • API to accept numbers and milestones posted to TK2.0 and API to post milestones from TK2.0 to external parties
  • Expect to have seperate fields to input milestone other info like old tracking website
  • Request to export milestones to excel file in new tracking website
  • When post RTS milestone info to LZ API, if other info contains “prohibit” and “damage” , the records should be sent two status(exception_return_sc_sensitive_prohibited&exception_return_sc_damaged) to LZ.
  • UAT feedback – Suggestions on the upload excel template Readme sheet