TK 2.0_V1.0.2_1st&2nd Release

New Feature:
  • Adjust architecture — split front-end and back-end of tracking service.
  • Skip to show milestones generated from todoitem when there is milestone input from TK2.0 UI.
  • Urgent fix for query milestone error for statistics purpose in E+ website/APP.
  • Provide the API to post milestone info in active mode.
  • Move milestone posting to Lazada from the old tracking website to TK2.0.
  • Change existing reports to get milestone data from tk2.0 instead of old tracking website.
  • Change the email aliases for Lazada milestone posting email notifications. 
  • Should generate the track sync log per day.
  • Should do some changes on the log settings for Ek & admin server in case log file grows too fast.
  • The containerid-json.log is growing too fast which caused no space left on device.
  • Should generate log file nohup.out per date and clear it periodically in case take up large memory in server.