AFSA2_V4.2.25_1st&V4.2.25_2nd Release

New Feature:
  • Add new courier service LockerLife Yamato, Alfred, SF Express Standard.
  • Add new courier service for new courier GD Express.
  • Add new courier service for new courier Pickupp.
  • Lazada requested us to call their CB Engine manifest API per each bag.
  • Add new courier service for new courier PCA Express.
  • Integrate with SF express API to get milestones.
  • Re-write the milestone subscription and reception from 3rd party service by micro service.
  • System send out failed notification email but actually create booking succeed when upload US-ICN document to create booking. 
  • Booking UI has no response when upload common part template.

AFSA2_V4.2.24 Release

New Feature:
  • Request to print invoice for ecommerce shipment under report platform.
  • Change to subscribe milestones from aftership for courier Korea Post.
  • Add one new courier service DHL Express Worldwide.
  • Add new courier service for new courier Sagawa. 
  • Choose file window should open after click the “Choose…” label.
  • DEP FSU update ETA wrongly when has split flight.

AFSA2_V4.2.23_1&V4.2.23_2 Release

New Feature:
  • Provide monthly statistics report for milestone subscription from third party platforms.
  • Subscribe a plan with Aftership to get milestones from Aftership system.
  • Update ICAO Manifest Report for SIN B2C inbound business.
  • Add booking no printing para for PH B2C Inbound Manifest report.
  • Change to subscribe milestones from aftership for courier SF Express.
  • Provide flexible method to user to customized the manifest reports.
  • Improve the access control for milestone subscription statistics report.
  • TransferBy and transfer time should not be cleared after edit booking to input MAWB number on FRT milestone.
  • Incorrect response when print PH B2C inbound manifest report with Cancelled booking.
  • Cannot save part info of last order for PH B2C template to create booking.
  • OrderNo no need to do mandatory validation for each row when it contians multiple parts for AIO template.
  • Incomplete package number field name when only print Lazada HAWB.
  • Spelling error of KUAIDI100 services error email.

AFSA2_V4.2.22 Release

New Feature:
  • Migrate Ekonek service to a server which is installed java version 8 and supports TLSv1.2
  • Updates on 321 and ECCF Manifest report
  • 7509 and ICAO report should remove special char for TEL and contact person name
  • Add one new courier service CJ Express
  • LZ-UAT: LZ Track and Trace API: V2.7 Upgrade on the data validation rule
  • LZ Track and Trace API: V2.7 Request on exception / remark milestones
  • LZ Track and Trace API: event_location_name for milestons(RCS,RCF,CCD&DL1) is mand
  • LZ Track and Trace API: request to include airline code in flight_number field
  • LZ Track and Trace API V3.0: event_location_name is not always mandatory
  • UAT feedback – show old and new courierBillNo’s milestone of same order on tracking website after update courierBillNo.
  • The remind message is not properly for BKD missed flight info when posting milestones to LZ tracking API.
  • Failed to post Exception milestone to LZ API.