ePlus App_V1.1.0 Release

New Feature:
  • APP should Provide Address Book function to help customer simplify input
  • Adjust the hard code column “Store out to HK consignee” to “Store out”.
  • Enhancement on loading speed of launch e+ APP.
  • Enhancement on save operation of creating orders.
  • Refresh the inventory list when switch to the inventory page.

AFSA2_V4.2.24 Release

New Feature:
  • Request to print invoice for ecommerce shipment under report platform.
  • Change to subscribe milestones from aftership for courier Korea Post.
  • Add one new courier service DHL Express Worldwide.
  • Add new courier service for new courier Sagawa. 
  • Choose file window should open after click the “Choose…” label.
  • DEP FSU update ETA wrongly when has split flight.

WOS4_V1.6.0&1.6.1_1st_2nd Release

New Feature:
  • Logo design for WOS4 application(favicon on the browser’s navigation bar).
  • Set “Outbound Booking is created” notification for e+Solutions customers.
  • Allow role Customer to access customer own Inbound/Outbound Order.
  • Add to show Ready to Label orders on the task summary.
  • Enhancement on DB and RDS setting for management and cost saving purposes.
  • Allow to print CCL BOL from other module.
  • PCA: Post order to PCA to create outbound orders.
  • PCA: Allow PCA to update outbound order status in WOS4 via API.
  • PCA: Set up a new warehouse PCASY.
  • New Warehouse – Set up new warehouse ULPEN.
  • UFCOI: Create warehouse PMCOI for Promise.
  • Enhancement on bundle SKU profile apply to outbound order.
  • (e+) Enhancement on store-in pre-alert order to support Scheduled Arrival Date.
  • Request to group parts with same attributes in CCL BOL.
  • Update the generic outbound template.
  • Add courier service of new courier Sagawa.
  • Subscribe milestone of Koreapost from Aftership.
  • Add courier service ‘DHL Express Worldwide’. 
  • Error message language is wrong when more than one pick part item is matched.
  • Cannot tick the single checkbox to select the Pallet Id under Area – Pre-Allocated Pallet page.
  • Failed to confirm ‘Discrepancy’ inbound order when someone part has no received qty and location.
  • Will create a messy picking job if multiple quick clicks the “Search” button on Outbound Picking module.

ePlus_V1.3.0&V1.3.1 Release

New Feature:
  • Display the Available Quantity of inventory on inventory page.
  • Solution for ensuring ePlus function well when involve multiple warehouse.
  • Provide SO/SI template according to warehouse. 
  • Combine the inventory record with same SKU Number.
  • Modification on some terminologies when creating store-in order via UI.
  • Display the SKU Information panel by default when creating store-in order via UI.
  • Enhancement on store-in pre-alert order to support Scheduled Arrival Date.
  • Setting No. of SKU per Package, No. Of Package Booked and Quantity Unit automatically.
  • Display the status of store-out order when on store out page.
  • Change “退出登录” to “退出登錄” of e+ website.
  • Remove the column “驗貨圖片同視頻” from SI page.
  • Adjust column “驗貨圖片同視頻” on SO page to more comprehensible.
  • Adjust inbound template more suitable for actual business situations.
  • Enhancement to export excel file to keep consistency with the UI adjustment.

TK 2.0_1.0.2_1&1.0.2_2nd Release

New Feature:
  • Adjust architecture — split front-end and back-end of tracking service.
  • Skip to show milestones generated from todoitem when there is milestone input from TK2.0 UI.
  • Urgent fix for query milestone error for statistics purpose in E+ website/APP.
  • Provide the API to post milestone info in active mode.
  • Move milestone posting to Lazada from the old tracking website to TK2.0.
  • Change existing reports to get milestone data from tk2.0 instead of old tracking website.
  • Change the email aliases for Lazada milestone posting email notifications. 
  • Should generate the track sync log per day.
  • Should do some changes on the log settings for Ek & admin server in case log file grows too fast.
  • The containerid-json.log is growing too fast which caused no space left on device.
  • Should generate log file nohup.out per date and clear it periodically in case take up large memory in server. 

ePlus App_V1.0.0 Release

New Feature:
  • The logined customer can check his/her own inventory record.
  • The logined customer can submit store-in order to the system.
  • The logined customer can submit Hong Kong store-out order.
  • APP should provide a order group list page to convey the overall situation to customer.
  • Logined customer can check his/her store-out order milestone.
  • APP should support multi language.
  • The login customer can check his/her own store-out order.
  • The logined customer can check his/her store-in order.
  • Avoid to do login operation each time at the same device to ease the operation.
  • Set access right control on this APP just allow registered user to use the function.
  • The APP need have Splash when user click to open the APP.

ELSA User Admin_V1.0.0 Release

New Feature:
  • Implement login function
  • Implement logout function
  • Create user accounts
  • Company searching function in user account management
  • Assign/Remove single role for user accounts
  • Search user accounts under users management page
  • Update user account basic info
  • Default display on users management page
  • Change/Forget password function
  • Create roles
  • Common permission setup/update for new/old roles
  • Update roles basic info
  • Default display on roles management page
  • Search roles by name under roles management page
  • Delete roles 

AFSA2_V4.2.23_1&V4.2.23_2 Release

New Feature:
  • Provide monthly statistics report for milestone subscription from third party platforms.
  • Subscribe a plan with Aftership to get milestones from Aftership system.
  • Update ICAO Manifest Report for SIN B2C inbound business.
  • Add booking no printing para for PH B2C Inbound Manifest report.
  • Change to subscribe milestones from aftership for courier SF Express.
  • Provide flexible method to user to customized the manifest reports.
  • Improve the access control for milestone subscription statistics report.
  • TransferBy and transfer time should not be cleared after edit booking to input MAWB number on FRT milestone.
  • Incorrect response when print PH B2C inbound manifest report with Cancelled booking.
  • Cannot save part info of last order for PH B2C template to create booking.
  • OrderNo no need to do mandatory validation for each row when it contians multiple parts for AIO template.
  • Incomplete package number field name when only print Lazada HAWB.
  • Spelling error of KUAIDI100 services error email.

TK 2.0_1.0.1_2 Release

New Feature:
  • Tracking API feedbacks web page to show tracking result for E+ project
  • Remove validation for third party milestones when sync milestones from TK1.0
  • There is “the customer can’t be null” error when run one-time sync script in wos4
  • Error message is not properly when create INT&OTH milestone info via excel template.