ePlus App_V1.4.0_1st&2nd Release

New Feature:
  • Address book support to record the address of China mainland.
  • Provide QR code to download e+ APP.
  • Allow customer cancel SO order in some status.
  • Provided precise error message for the case that order No. duplicated.
  • Record the prepaid/collect info to the new column.
  • Change the mapping for SO order status allocated.
  • Local SI courier Option for ShangHai(ULPVG) warehouse.
  • SO couriers for ShangHai warehouse.
  • Self Pickup address of ShangHai warehouse.
  • Solve the milestone issues when different customers has same order number.

ePlus App_V1.3.0 Release

New Feature:
  • Customer can upgrate APP conveniently once release new version.
  • Not enough inventory alert after entering SKU quantity when create SO order.
  • Customer can search SO order by E-Commerce order Number .
  • Display the inventory with same SKU Number but different Quantity Unit separately.
  • Provide the Not Enough Inv SO order group.
  • Mark the not enough inventory SKU in SO order detail.

ePlus App_V1.2.0 Release

New Feature:
  • Support query SKU when creating SI/SO orders and at inventory page.
  • Support Penang(Malaysia) warehouse.
  • Provide remind info on overseas order. 
  • Allow customer delete the selected SKU when create SI/SO order.
  • Enhancement on Special Instruction record to more practical to use.
  • Allow the customer who runs both B2B and B2C business specify the Quantity Unit when submit SI/SO order.
  • Provide three new courier opiton for HK warehosue SO order. 

ePlus App_V1.1.0 Release

New Feature:
  • APP should Provide Address Book function to help customer simplify input
  • Adjust the hard code column “Store out to HK consignee” to “Store out”.
  • Enhancement on loading speed of launch e+ APP.
  • Enhancement on save operation of creating orders.
  • Refresh the inventory list when switch to the inventory page.

ePlus App_V1.0.0 Release

New Feature:
  • The logined customer can check his/her own inventory record.
  • The logined customer can submit store-in order to the system.
  • The logined customer can submit Hong Kong store-out order.
  • APP should provide a order group list page to convey the overall situation to customer.
  • Logined customer can check his/her store-out order milestone.
  • APP should support multi language.
  • The login customer can check his/her own store-out order.
  • The logined customer can check his/her store-in order.
  • Avoid to do login operation each time at the same device to ease the operation.
  • Set access right control on this APP just allow registered user to use the function.
  • The APP need have Splash when user click to open the APP.