WOS4_V1.10.0_1st&2nd Release

New Feature:
  • Give warning sound when meet operation error in Picking/Packing and Sort to ship module.
  • Generate Pick List Report.
  • Record the stored out parts’ serial no.
  • Record the e-shop of the order.
  • Auto assign matched part when found multiple records in Receiving and Picking.
  • SF: Allow user to choose/change pay method of shipping charge.
  • HKPOST: Change to show partDescinLoc as product description on shipping label.
  • Provide the vendor of each part for customer via order report.
  • Enhancement on picking strategy to avoid unnecessary break package case.
  • Easyship: Show total qty, available qty, returned qty and reserved qty in inventory report.
  • Allow user to choose value added service for shipping service.
  • Rename the label to Ref Order No under Outbound Pick List.
  • Allow to search outbound order by shimadzu ref order No.
  • Add Ref Order No. and Order Set No. in movement report.
  •  Integration with H4 on inbound customs clearance info.
  • The relationship between batchNo and orderNo in WosOrder.OrderInfo table should be released.
  • Should save OrderFile data to correct rds when merge supporting doc at non-permission db warehouse.
  • Should release the receiving job successfully when click the ‘Receiving Release’ action.
  • Should not add to the package list when the ‘Courier’ is not match.
  • Should allocate inventory for the part when the inventory qty is not enough and the ‘Non Break Pkg’ is Y.
  • Supporting doc should be merged successfully.
  • Shoud trigger post order data to ‘Reception Service’ when the orders were confirmed by ‘Sort to Ship’ function.

WOS4_V1.9.0_3_1st&2nd Release

New Feature:
  •  Integration with H4 for courier service CJ Express and Korea Post.
  • Add new courier service for new courier PCA Express.
  • Add courier services for e+ Malaysia.
  • Change to subscribe milestone of courier service Pickupp from Aftership.
  • Show correct part and qty of orders that have backorder parts.
  • Eccang integration] Enhance print supporting doc. function for non-pdf format doc.
  •  PCASY/Easyship: Feedback status cancelled_no_stock, backorder_no_stock, created and returned to Easyship.
  • SF: Update label printing SDK.
  • ‘Status’ field should have value on Outbound Packing page.
  • Shouldn’t done picking successfully if the back-end picked qty not match with the front-end picked qty.
  • Sort to Ship – The query criteria ‘Status’ should show it’s illustrate with label.
  • Order should be searched by reference no in FBA Removal Receive module.
  • The action by should be correct in outbound history.
  • The shipping label should be printed successfully when the order’s courier company is ‘Newgistics’.
  • Courier Bill No. should be found when the courier bill no is acquired after packing done.

WOS4_V1.9.1 Release

New Feature:
  • [SO Confirm] Expect the ‘SO confirm’ action can be associated with shipping arrangement.
  • Feedback status cancelled_no_stock, backorder_no_stock and created to Easyship.
  • SF: Disable the setting of requesting return label when requesting label via SF API.
  • Should finish the receiving job successfully if there is no duplicate attribute part.
  • UI should only show the clicked part when clicking the tracking no of this part on IM page.
  • Should optimize the done receiving progress.
  • The Batch order should packing done successful When part SO has the same total qty but has multiple records.
  • Error message should be correct when print SF shipping label with consigneeAddr1+2 length is more than 77.

WOS4_V1.9.0 Release

New Feature:
  • e+: Notify e+ user on customer’s SI pre-alert.
  • [SO Batch] Request to have the function to filter SO and generate a SO Batch.
  • [SO Batch] User can scan Batch No. barcode to begin the picking at system.
  • Provide method for user to configure and choose printers for printing.
  • Add order consignee email to Outbound Template – Report.
  • Report Schedule: Extend the expiry date of report URL link in email.
  • Adjust the default sequence of search result to show in descending order.
  • e-commerce order no can be reused if previous order is cancelled.
  • Easyship: Change criteria of reminding to paste EU labels on DirectLink packages.
  • Should revert pick list first then re-generate pick list to apply bundle setting.

WOS4_V1.8.0 Release

New Feature:
  • Shimadzu: Remind the set no. when picking and receiving.
  • Shimadzu: Accept to create outbound order via customized outbound template.
  • Enable ‘export’ function of UI grid under existing modules.
  • Shimadzu: Back order – 2nd stage implementation.
  • Shimadzu: Accept to create outbound order via customized outbound template.
  • Shimadzu: Allow partial confirm on inbound order – 2nd Stage Implementation. 
  • Shimadzu: Inbound Receive – multiple operator work on 1 order.

WOS4_V1.7.0&V1.7.1&V1.7.4 Release

New Feature:
  • EFC: Record and calculate warehouse storage – Part CBM. 
  • EFC-Billing: Record and calculate Storage Charge – Location/Pallet.
  • EZIMEL: Create warehouse EZIMEL.
  • GEYYZ: Create warehouse GEYYZ.
  • Establish relation of customer and platform in WOS4. (Easyship/E+/Staytuned).
  • Apply bundle setting to outbound orders created via API/Excel/UI.
  • Error message on UI/response is not clear when create inbound order via excel/API with inbound instruction length>100.
  • Outbound Packing Part No scanning issue. 

WOS4_V1.6.4&V1.6.5 Release

New Feature:
  • Integrate with Shopify for customer Aleshia.
  • Create warehouse UFHTY.
  • EFC fulfillment in Canada- Create new warehouse MIBCVR.
  • Set ‘Print Supporting Doc’ default as not clickable under Packing module.

WOS4_V1.6.2&V1.6.3 Release

New Feature:
  • Allow batch process/printing ES order supporting doc.
  • Create warehouse HACTL.
  • Create warehouse ULCAN.
  • Add courier service of Pickup.
  • Add courier service GD Express Standard Pickup.
  • Add courier service LockerLife Yamato, Alfred, SF Express Standard.
  • Should print supporting doc successfully when one vendor has multiple company id.

WOS4_V1.6.0&1.6.1_1st&2nd Release

New Feature:
  • Logo design for WOS4 application(favicon on the browser’s navigation bar).
  • Set “Outbound Booking is created” notification for e+Solutions customers.
  • Allow role Customer to access customer own Inbound/Outbound Order.
  • Add to show Ready to Label orders on the task summary.
  • Enhancement on DB and RDS setting for management and cost saving purposes.
  • Allow to print CCL BOL from other module.
  • PCA: Post order to PCA to create outbound orders.
  • PCA: Allow PCA to update outbound order status in WOS4 via API.
  • PCA: Set up a new warehouse PCASY.
  • New Warehouse – Set up new warehouse ULPEN.
  • UFCOI: Create warehouse PMCOI for Promise.
  • Enhancement on bundle SKU profile apply to outbound order.
  • (e+) Enhancement on store-in pre-alert order to support Scheduled Arrival Date.
  • Request to group parts with same attributes in CCL BOL.
  • Update the generic outbound template.
  • Add courier service of new courier Sagawa.
  • Subscribe milestone of Koreapost from Aftership.
  • Add courier service ‘DHL Express Worldwide’. 
  • Error message language is wrong when more than one pick part item is matched.
  • Cannot tick the single checkbox to select the Pallet Id under Area – Pre-Allocated Pallet page.
  • Failed to confirm ‘Discrepancy’ inbound order when someone part has no received qty and location.
  • Will create a messy picking job if multiple quick clicks the “Search” button on Outbound Picking module.