WOS4_V1.6.2&V1.6.3 Release

New Feature:
  • Allow batch process/printing ES order supporting doc.
  • Create warehouse HACTL.
  • Create warehouse ULCAN.
  • Add courier service of Pickup.
  • Add courier service GD Express Standard Pickup.
  • Add courier service LockerLife Yamato, Alfred, SF Express Standard.
  • Should print supporting doc successfully when one vendor has multiple company id.

WOS4_V1.6.0&1.6.1_1st_2nd Release

New Feature:
  • Logo design for WOS4 application(favicon on the browser’s navigation bar).
  • Set “Outbound Booking is created” notification for e+Solutions customers.
  • Allow role Customer to access customer own Inbound/Outbound Order.
  • Add to show Ready to Label orders on the task summary.
  • Enhancement on DB and RDS setting for management and cost saving purposes.
  • Allow to print CCL BOL from other module.
  • PCA: Post order to PCA to create outbound orders.
  • PCA: Allow PCA to update outbound order status in WOS4 via API.
  • PCA: Set up a new warehouse PCASY.
  • New Warehouse – Set up new warehouse ULPEN.
  • UFCOI: Create warehouse PMCOI for Promise.
  • Enhancement on bundle SKU profile apply to outbound order.
  • (e+) Enhancement on store-in pre-alert order to support Scheduled Arrival Date.
  • Request to group parts with same attributes in CCL BOL.
  • Update the generic outbound template.
  • Add courier service of new courier Sagawa.
  • Subscribe milestone of Koreapost from Aftership.
  • Add courier service ‘DHL Express Worldwide’. 
  • Error message language is wrong when more than one pick part item is matched.
  • Cannot tick the single checkbox to select the Pallet Id under Area – Pre-Allocated Pallet page.
  • Failed to confirm ‘Discrepancy’ inbound order when someone part has no received qty and location.
  • Will create a messy picking job if multiple quick clicks the “Search” button on Outbound Picking module.

WOS4_V1.4.0&1.4.1 Release

New Feature:
  • New warehouse – Set up new warehouse ULICN (Korea).
  • New warehouse – Set up new warehouse ULLON.
  • Allow to set to ‘Validate’ when setting scan attributes for Picking.
  • Easyship: Post status code ‘cancelled’ when outbound order is Cancelled.
  • Easyship: Set ‘Print Supporting Doc’ default as not clickable under Packing module.
  • Remove default mobilePhone if consignee/shipper phone number is empty when courier is SF Express to subscribe from KUAIDI100.
  • UI enhancements of Instruction.
  • UAT Feedback: CCL BOL Modification.
  • Add courier service ‘CJ Express’ for e+ solution.
  • UAT feedback – Will search out all outbound order If input multiple bookingNo by using ‘,’ to separate
  • Cannot use excel to update SO order which is created via UI
  • If there has any message, the “Reminder” icon will be separated to the second row under Goods Receive / FBA – Removal Receive module on PDA
  • UAT feedback – Outbound template using formula to quote other sheet’s data issue
  • Alert message is wrong when cancel some status orders
  • UAT feedback – Won’t record SOAttribute under Lock Qty mode

WOS4_1.2.0 Release

New Feature:
  • Allow to input ‘Truck’ info for outbound order.
  • Remove the drop down selection of Cycle Selector.
  • Include present day to the date period selection criteria.
  • Change the icon of Search on top of the menu.
  • Allow flexible setting on ‘Merge Pick List’ default option.
  • Allow can scan used pre-allocated palletId under “Normal” mode in Goods Receive.
  • UAT feedback: If Bulk Stack Flag = Y, the first/default option under Dimension drop down list shouldn’t be empty
  • UAT feedback: need to remove the button next to Count Qty in count detail as it has no function
  • UAT CHI: Suggest to update user message when lock/unlock location failure
  • “Reference No” spelling is incorrect on Inbound Order page
  • Release wrong qty for reserved qty when using Picking Release function if picked part won’t match the order request qty
  • If receivedBy change, the Received By & Update Date on Goods Receive Job & FBA Receive Job won’t change
  • If click the Picking Job on Outbound Picking – Picking Job page by other user, the pickedBy won’t change