ePlus Website_V1.6.0_1st&2nd&3rd Release

New Features:
  •  Support simplified Chinese.
  • Allow customer cancel SO order in some status.
  • [hktvmall & common]Customer can upload the supporting document for SO order.
  •  Record the prepaid/collect info to the new column.
  • Couriers for ShangHai warehouse.
  • Local SI courier Option for ShangHai(ULPVG) warehouse.
  • Change the mapping for SO order status allocated.
  • Don’t set the value of vendor code/name of the part as “” while the value is not filled by customer.

ePlus Website_V1.5.2 Release

New Features:
  • User can use particular column of the query out result to do ascending order or descending order.
  • Allow customer check warehouse milestone before Courier No is generated.
  • Use paging pattern when query SO order.
  • Customer can filter the SO order by order status.
  • Record the e-shop of the order.
  • Record the vendor of each part so that to print them in order report.
  • Avoid the breakdown of TK2.0 result in SO page can’t display SO order.
  • Use paging pattern when query SI order.
  • Use paging pattern when query Inventory record.
  • Should set ‘Order Number’ to null when the Outbound Template ‘Order Number’ only contains ‘Space’ character.
  • Should download the template successfully at UFHCK warehouse.
  • Status of sub-order on Store-Out Order page should be correct when original SO order is ‘Delivered’.
  • The error message should be correct when upload outbound template.
  • The UI data should display correctly when there are multiple spaces between two characters.
  • Should create only one inbound order when inbound template has too many SKUs.

ePlus Website_V1.4.1&V_1.4.2 Release

New Feature:
  • Implement Deduct LMD fee from prepayment temporary solution.
  • Provide four outbound template for different destination for Hong Kong warehouse.
  • Support customer runs B2B and B2C business at the same time.
  • Enhance the menu of e+ website to more practical.
  • Optimize the process on file uploadling.
  • Support Penang(Malaysia) warehouse.
  • Support Singapore warehouse for customer life science(RSZ010570).
  • Should enlarge the maximum upload SI/SO template size up to 10MB – 1st stage.
  • Record wrong fields when create store-in order via UI under Chinese language and Courier Company = 其它速運公司 or 自行运送.
  • Should display related inventory/SI/SO record when click ‘Query’ button.

ePlus Website_V1.3.2&V1.4.0 Release

New Feature:
  • Admin can entry monthly settle charge invoice for customer.
  • Admin can release receipt for paid up charge invoice(s).
  • Admin do payment confirm on the paid invoices.
  • Customer can pay the charge invoice online.
  • Customer can get her charge invoice at member.eplusss.
  • Customer can get her receipt(s) at member.eplusss. 
  • Enhance HK SO template: add new courier “Pickupp” and change mapping of Item Des.

ePlus Website_V1.3.0&V1.3.1 Release

New Feature:
  • Display the Available Quantity of inventory on inventory page.
  • Solution for ensuring ePlus function well when involve multiple warehouse.
  • Provide SO/SI template according to warehouse. 
  • Combine the inventory record with same SKU Number.
  • Modification on some terminologies when creating store-in order via UI.
  • Display the SKU Information panel by default when creating store-in order via UI.
  • Enhancement on store-in pre-alert order to support Scheduled Arrival Date.
  • Setting No. of SKU per Package, No. Of Package Booked and Quantity Unit automatically.
  • Display the status of store-out order when on store out page.
  • Change “退出登录” to “退出登錄” of e+ website.
  • Remove the column “驗貨圖片同視頻” from SI page.
  • Adjust column “驗貨圖片同視頻” on SO page to more comprehensible.
  • Adjust inbound template more suitable for actual business situations.
  • Enhancement to export excel file to keep consistency with the UI adjustment.

ePlus Website_V1.2.0 Release

New Feature:
  • Submit the Store-in pre-alert in batch by Excel template
  • Submit special operation instructions on Store-in pre-alert to Warehouse OP
  • Check the milestone of order with multi parcel
  • Enhancement on [New pre-alert(s) on Store-in order] to add booked parts
  • Shift shipment tracking from kuaidi 100 to TK2.0
  • Adjust reset page button logic
  • Standardize the terminology on store-in order status
  • Keep consistency on terminology of ePlus
  • Exclude the store-in order in status “Cancelled”
  • Exclude the store-out order in status “Cancelled”
  • Update the valid date of copyright in real time
  • Enhancement on [New pre-alert(s) on Store-in order] to add booked parts
  • Shift shipment tracking from kuaidi 100 to TK2.0