ePlus Website_V1.5.2 Release

New Features:
  • User can use particular column of the query out result to do ascending order or descending order.
  • Allow customer check warehouse milestone before Courier No is generated.
  • Use paging pattern when query SO order.
  • Customer can filter the SO order by order status.
  • Record the e-shop of the order.
  • Record the vendor of each part so that to print them in order report.
  • Avoid the breakdown of TK2.0 result in SO page can’t display SO order.
  • Use paging pattern when query SI order.
  • Use paging pattern when query Inventory record.
  • Should set ‘Order Number’ to null when the Outbound Template ‘Order Number’ only contains ‘Space’ character.
  • Should download the template successfully at UFHCK warehouse.
  • Status of sub-order on Store-Out Order page should be correct when original SO order is ‘Delivered’.
  • The error message should be correct when upload outbound template.
  • The UI data should display correctly when there are multiple spaces between two characters.
  • Should create only one inbound order when inbound template has too many SKUs.