ePlus Website_V1.3.0&V1.3.1 Release

New Feature:
  • Display the Available Quantity of inventory on inventory page.
  • Solution for ensuring ePlus function well when involve multiple warehouse.
  • Provide SO/SI template according to warehouse. 
  • Combine the inventory record with same SKU Number.
  • Modification on some terminologies when creating store-in order via UI.
  • Display the SKU Information panel by default when creating store-in order via UI.
  • Enhancement on store-in pre-alert order to support Scheduled Arrival Date.
  • Setting No. of SKU per Package, No. Of Package Booked and Quantity Unit automatically.
  • Display the status of store-out order when on store out page.
  • Change “退出登录” to “退出登錄” of e+ website.
  • Remove the column “驗貨圖片同視頻” from SI page.
  • Adjust column “驗貨圖片同視頻” on SO page to more comprehensible.
  • Adjust inbound template more suitable for actual business situations.
  • Enhancement to export excel file to keep consistency with the UI adjustment.