WOS4_V1.10.0_1st&2nd Release

New Feature:
  • Give warning sound when meet operation error in Picking/Packing and Sort to ship module.
  • Generate Pick List Report.
  • Record the stored out parts’ serial no.
  • Record the e-shop of the order.
  • Auto assign matched part when found multiple records in Receiving and Picking.
  • SF: Allow user to choose/change pay method of shipping charge.
  • HKPOST: Change to show partDescinLoc as product description on shipping label.
  • Provide the vendor of each part for customer via order report.
  • Enhancement on picking strategy to avoid unnecessary break package case.
  • Easyship: Show total qty, available qty, returned qty and reserved qty in inventory report.
  • Allow user to choose value added service for shipping service.
  • Rename the label to Ref Order No under Outbound Pick List.
  • Allow to search outbound order by shimadzu ref order No.
  • Add Ref Order No. and Order Set No. in movement report.
  • ¬†Integration with H4 on inbound customs clearance info.
  • The relationship between batchNo and orderNo in WosOrder.OrderInfo table should be released.
  • Should save OrderFile data to correct rds when merge supporting doc at non-permission db warehouse.
  • Should release the receiving job successfully when click the ‘Receiving Release’ action.
  • Should not add to the package list when the ‘Courier’ is not match.
  • Should allocate inventory for the part when the inventory qty is not enough and the ‘Non Break Pkg’ is Y.
  • Supporting doc should be merged successfully.
  • Shoud trigger post order data to ‘Reception Service’ when the orders were confirmed by ‘Sort to Ship’ function.