WOS4_V1.9.0_3_1st&2nd Release

New Feature:
  • ¬†Integration with H4 for courier service CJ Express and Korea Post.
  • Add new courier service for new courier PCA Express.
  • Add courier services for e+ Malaysia.
  • Change to subscribe milestone of courier service Pickupp from Aftership.
  • Show correct part and qty of orders that have backorder parts.
  • Eccang integration] Enhance print supporting doc. function for non-pdf format doc.
  • ¬†PCASY/Easyship: Feedback status cancelled_no_stock, backorder_no_stock, created and returned to Easyship.
  • SF: Update label printing SDK.
  • ‘Status’ field should have value on Outbound Packing page.
  • Shouldn’t done picking successfully if the back-end picked qty not match with the front-end picked qty.
  • Sort to Ship – The query criteria ‘Status’ should show it’s illustrate with label.
  • Order should be searched by reference no in FBA Removal Receive module.
  • The action by should be correct in outbound history.
  • The shipping label should be printed successfully when the order’s courier company is ‘Newgistics’.
  • Courier Bill No. should be found when the courier bill no is acquired after packing done.