Coming Release


Coming Release in April, 2019

  • [Payment stage 1] Provide Online Payment method
  • [Dashboard stage 1] Adjust Dashboard UI and display statistics on order and top 10 product list
    1) Order structure base on status
    2) Standardize the terminology on store-out order status
    3) Top list of sales in recent days
  • UI adjustment:
    1) Adjust column name at Ul to keep consistency with new template, include “SKU Number/商品編號”,”Item Description”
    2) Add new column on UI to keep consistency with new template, include “Order Remark/訂單備註”,”Courier(Prepaid/Collect)/快遞費用(預付/到付)”
  • Validate the data type of “Quantity Booked”, “No. of Package Booked” and “No. of SKU per Package” to be positive number when create single store in order by UI

Coming Release in May, 2019

  • Allow to set as ‘Record’ when setting scan attributes for Packing.
  • Back order.
  • Allow partial confirm on inbound order.
  • Enhancement on DB and RDS setting for management and cost saving purpose(Analysis).
  • Add filter and freeze function to report header.
  • Subscribe milestone of SF Express from Aftership.

Coming Release in May, 2019

  • Change to subscribe milestones from aftership for courier SF Express
  • SIN B2C inbound business service
  • Subscribe a plan with Aftership to get milestones from Aftership system
  • Provide monthly statistics report for milestone subscription from third party platforms
  • Suggested enhancements on subscrbe milestones from 3rd party platform
TK 2.0_V1.0.2

Coming Release in May, 2019

  • Adjust architechture — split front-end and back-end of tracking service
  • skip to show milestones generated from todoitem when there is milestone input from TK2.0
  • change existing reports to get milestone data from tk2.0 instead of old tracking website
  • move milestone posting to LZ from old tracking website to tk2.0
  • Provide the API to post milestone info in active mode