This section aims to give you an idea on future system development. You can click to expand the roadmaps of each services.


E-Commerce Logistic Solution Architecture

Aim to provide service packages of one-step solution for E-commerce business development needs.

Order Center

The website open to external customers/users to submit and manage their orders to UFL, and with backend system to UFL internal user to manage the submitted orders. 

Tracking Website 2.0

A website provides full-set milestone tracking from warehouse to oversea shipping and last mile delivery.
It is an upgraded version based on former tracking website with better UI&UX experience and data structure to make sure the system performance.

User Admin

Manage user accounts and roles, implement permissions control of all applications.


An automated pre-charging action according to the services that UFL provides to customers on their shipments. The charges may be pre-deducted from the customer’s prepayment account to control UFL’s risk on billing.
This function will kick off with the service of last mile delivery on E-Commerce B2C order shipments.

Road Map:


e+ Solutions provides warehouse services to small entrepreneurs have limited resources and are looking for cost effective behind-the-scenes assistance on the order fulfillment operations.

Storage to e+ Solutions not only storing their goods, also handles inbound and outbound orders on their behalf, and manage customer’s inventory with real-time system update via the website and mobile app.

Road Map:


New Warehouse Operation System

Cloud-based web application for inventory and order management with simple operation to deal with growing business.


> Fulfill customer’s daily orders on traditional warehouse service.

> On-going system enhancement for better cooperate with US opeartions.

WOS Billing

Billing system for auto calculation on storage, order handling related charges and billing reports.

Road Map:


Traditional Air/Freight Solution that provides web-based application with refactored features, provide portal for customer to submit SLI booking.

Road Map: